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Real Estate Tax
Real Property tax is one of the oldest taxes in the State of Ohio and is also one of the most stable tax bases, the taxable value of land and buildings. Tax rates vary between tax districts depending on all levies approved either by legislative authority or by the voters in the district. Ohio law limits local government authority to assess property taxes by creating the 10 mill limitation.

Manufactured Home Tax
Similar to the above property taxes, MFG Home Taxes were instituted in 1925 with the development of Manufactured Homes. The tax base is 40% of the depreciated value of the home and the rate is the total of all taxes levied in the district. New law passed by the Ohio General Assembly in December of 1998 significantly changes Manufactured Home taxation by assessing the value of the home similar to Real Estate, at market values.

Estate Tax
The State of Ohio is the administrative agent for Ohio's Estate Tax, however, depending on the county of residence of the decedent, the County Treasurer collects the tax locally, distributing twice a year 30% of the collection to the state, less fees, and the remaining balance distributed to the local tax districts allocated on a percentage of where the estate assets were held.

Responsibilities of the Treasurer

In accordance with the Ohio Revised Code, the Ottawa County Treasurer is responsible for collecting two kinds of property taxes: real estate (O.R.C. 323.12) and manufactured homes (O.R.C. 4503.06). Taxes on real estate are due in February and July of each year. Taxes on manufactured homes are due in February/March and July.

There are two major factors that influence the amount of real estate taxes a property owner owes: the value of the property as determined by the Ottawa County Auditor, and tax levies, most of which are decided by the voters.

The Treasurer is elected to a term of four years, and constantly strives to use his investment, cash management and financial planning stratedgies to improve services to the taxpayer and citizens of Ottawa County.

    Additional responsibilities include:
  • Safekeeping of taxes collected on behalf of the county's local taxing authorities such as schools, cities, townships, villages and libraries.
  • Investment of undisbursed funds to earn revenue for the general operating fund.
  • Serve on the County Investment Board to provide financial data, investment instruments, financial forecasting and monitor the return on the County's investments.
  • Serve on the Board of Revision for complaints from taxpayers who feel the value of their property is not correct.
  • Serve on the Budget Commission for approval of spending levels for the political subdivisions of the county.
  • Administration of the delinquent tax collection programs and process.
  • The Treasurer helps to return unclaimed funds to the residents of Ottawa County.

Investment Income History

Updated 5/9/2024

  • $4,147,672 in 2023
  • $1,103,863 in 2022
  •   $334,515 in 2021
  •   $821,286 in 2020
  • $1,319,161 in 2019
  • $1,064,953 in 2018
  •   $450,541 in 2017
  •   $404,494 in 2016
  •   $331,172 in 2015
  •   $369,233 in 2014
  •   $346,927 in 2013
  •   $363,551 in 2012
  •   $369,705 in 2011
  •   $410,026 in 2010
  • $1,006,032 in 2009
  • $1,754,000 in 2008
  • $2,633,000 in 2007
  • $1,865,000 in 2006
  • $1,062,000 in 2005

Public Records Policy

Download the documents below to learn more about Public Records Policy and for a Public Records Request form.

Ottawa County Treasurers

NUMBER   TERM                 NAME
11840Cyrus Moore
21841-1842Joseph W. Sylvester
31843-1846Louis L. Mackey
41847-1850Samuel Hollinshead
51850-1854William L. Cole
61855Sylvester A. Smith
71856James Wonnell
81857-1860James McNutt
91861-1864John Klinhans
101865-1868John Bredehoft
111869-1872David McRitchie
121873-1876Godfrey Jaeger
131877-1880John H. Magee
141881-1884E. Lay
151885-1886Philip Smith
161887-1888Geo. Deal
171889-1892W. Gordon
181893-1894M. Green
191895-1896H. H. Mylander
201897-1901Frank Holt
211901-1905John Vogel
221905-1909George McRitchie
231909-1913W. H. Althoff
241913-1917George Vogel
251917-1919Albert Daniels
261919-1921A. J. Davids
271921-1923A. J. Winnie
281923-1927Charles Rauch
291927-1931Josephine L. Fall
301931-1941William G. Franck First Four Year Term 1937-1941
311941-1954D. L. Cullenen Died in office1954
321954-1965Howard F. Zimmerman Resigned August 1965
331965-1967Ralph L. Snyder
341967-1989Pauline Freimark
351989-2005Jacqueline L. Chapman
362005-2021Robert J. Hille
372021-PresentAnthony L. Hatmaker

Disclaimer: Records from the Office of the Treasurer are public information under the Ohio Public Records Law.